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>> and now to london for prime minister's question time, live from of her shots of comments. every wednesday while parliament is in session prime minister david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. prior to question time house is wrapping up other business. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> naomi long. >> question number eight, mr. speaker. [inaudible] >> a way forward here can only be delivered if a range of people and political parties in northern ireland work together. >> naomi long.
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>> i thank her for its but can also ask my welcome to her and her ministerial colleague in their new roles. does she agree with me finding a comprehensive way of addressing the legacy of the past is critical and should be a priority, not own because of the current generation impacted directly by the troubles but also the means of tackling the deep-seated sectarian which exists in northern ireland and prevents us from achieving our goals economically and financially? >> i agree it is a important priority. it is important for us all to work together to see if we can try to build consensus, and to foster mutual understanding of the past and reconcile the different perspective of the different traditions in northern ireland, and she says our goal should be to bring people together and try to eliminate the sectarian divide that still exists spare questions for the prime minister. bob stewart.
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>> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, in addition to my duties in this house i show a further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. kini asked my right honorable friend whether he would ensure the panoply of government powers is used to investigate the predatory activities of the late mr. jimmy southall? >> i think my friend makes an important point. the allegations and what seems to have happened are completely appalling. i think are shocking the entire country. these allegations to lead many institutions, particularly the bbc, with serious questions to answer. i think above all the question, how did he get away with this for so long? the most important thing is the
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police investigation is properly resourced and this allowed to continue. i don't rule out further steps but we do not have independent investigations by the bbc, independent investigations into the nhs, and today i can confirm the drug of public prosecutions has confirmed his principal legal advisor will occur and review the papers from time when a case was put to the cps for prosecution. the director specifically is going to consider what more can be done to alert relevant authorities whether it concerns but it prosecution has not taken forward. other institutions must do what they can do to make sure we learn the lessons of his that can never happen again. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, last week the prime minister told this house and i quote, we will be legislating for the energy companies to get the lowest tariffs for the customers. can he now explain how he's going to guarantee everybody in
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the country the lowest tariff? >> as i said last week we're going to use the energy bill to ensure that customers get the lowest terrace. that's what we want to do. i have to say to the honorable gentleman, there is a real problem and it is worth looking at the glass to the core -- over 400 terrace. this is completely baffling for customers. while encouraging people to switch, can help make it different that we need to go further. we need to use the law because i'm in no doubt we're undecided people to work hard, what you pay the bills and who want a better deal. >> mr. speaker, the only people who are baffled last week were all of his ministers who didn't anything about the announcement be made. last week it was a guarantee, i killed ed -- eight killed and guarantee. it is totally unraveled. another dirty offer from this prime minister. why can't he just for once admit
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the truth? he doesn't do the detail. he made it to policy and he got caught out. >> we are going to use the energy bill to ensure people get the lowest tariff. the deputy prime minister said he can't do the same thing. he wants to look at the detail. let me ask them about his detail. yes, we have his entire, we have his entire energy policy laid out for us tonight. perhaps he can tell us, now he says he wants to scrap topic jim. income he said he wants top jim. now he says he wants to refer the big six the competition commission. then he said he wouldn't do it because it would be wrong. i'm all in favor of switching but this is ridiculous. >> let's talk about my record as energy secretary because -- [shouting] because i want to thank him for the conservative party briefing
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document view to last thursday after the chaos. it reveals something very interesting, mr. speaker. while i was the energy secretary, the average fuel fuel bill fell by 110 pounds. under him, under him it is risen by 200 pounds. i will compare my record to him any day. now, let's go on, let's go on -- [shouting] >> look, the part-time chancellor is giving advice again. and i am coming on to what his favorite subjects, the west coast mainline. [laughter] mr. speaker, now, the former railway secretary, not in northern ireland secretary told us about the franchise process. we tested it very robustly. [laughter] and the former secretary of
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state from another sector instead of initial development, just won the job she is down the bench over there, she said the process is incredibly robust. yet we learned today, we learned about flaws in the process, long ago. can the prime minister tell us whether the minister knew about these concerns? >> first of all he said he wants to talk about his record as energy secretary so i think we should spend a little bit of time on that. because the fact is, under labour gas bills doubled and electricity bills were up more than 50%. when he was energy secretary, when he became energy secretary the companies were making 25 pounds per bill. when he left government they were making 55 pounds profit per bill. he didn't stand up to the vested interest. he stuff their pockets with cash. that's right. we've dealt with that. by the way, sorry.
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while we're on, while we're on this, while were on his energy record, while were on his energy record, he put in place in his low carbon transition plan a policy that would've added 179 pounds for every single person's bill in the country. when he gets up, he can apologize for that. >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, -- >> members on both sides could calm down. let's hear now from the leader of the opposition, mr. ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, even he has taken his hat to not answer question two new level. i asked him a question, he wants to talk -- [shouting] >> and i asked him a question about the railway. i have to say, the chancellor shouts from a sedentary
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position. [inaudible] the mishandling of this process for compact cars up to 100 million pounds. so which of his former transport ministers who oversaw the bidding is responsible for this multimillion pound fiasco? >> there is a proper independent investigation into what happened with the west coast mainline. the secretary of transport has made a false statement to this house and is explained what will be done so commuters can to to receive good service, and we get to the bottom of what went wrong. but what is interesting and what the country will notice is he wants to talk about the chancellor because he can't talk about the economy because he's got no plan. he can't talk about the deficit because he's got no plans to cut it. he can't talk about welfare because he opposes our plans to
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cap it. he can't talk about all these issues that matter to his country, and that's why stands up and just tells a whole lot of rubbish jokes. >> mr. speaker, i think we can take it from that answer that nobody is taking responsibility for what happened on the railway. ministers didn't know the detail, they didn't do the work, and they got caught out. so mr. speaker, who can blame them? they are just playing follow my leader, after all, this is what he said before he became prime minister, and i quote. we must provide the modern conservative alternative. clear, competent -- [laughter] inspiring -- [laughter] mr. speaker, when did it all go wrong? spent out to you what is happened under this government in the last week, inflation down. unemployment down. crime down. waiting lists, down. borrowing, done. that's what's happening but he can't talk about the real issues because he's not up to the job.
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[shouting] >> it's good to see they are back, mr. speaker. this is the reality. he is leading in a parallel -- he is living in a parallel universe. if another disastrous week for his government. last week he defended the chief whip now he's gone. he made up an energy policy, that's gone, too. is lost millions of pounds on the railway. isn't the truth, there's nobody else left to plant by shamble of his government, he goes right to the top. >> it's only a bad week if you think it's bad that i deployment is coming down. if you regret inflations come again. we think it's a good thing for our country. it's only a bad week if you don't think it's a good thing that a million more people are at work. that's what's happening in the country every bit of good news since that into a complete decline.
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but i can tell him the good news will keep coming. >> would my right honorable friend join me in welcoming the good news the first fall in recorded crime in the west midlands over the past 12 months? and congratulate them on their performance which is down 31%, down 29% in my area. does the fall in crime show police reform is working? >> i think my honorable friend biggs important point. we've seen not just recorded crime fall by 60% from but also the crime survey showing crime falling by 6%. this is at a time where making difficult decisions about police funding but that combination of police reform, the changes we're making and tougher approach to criminal justice is seeing crime falling and public satisfaction with the police going up. >> last year, mr. speaker, the prime minister told a house that there was no reason why front-line police officer
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numbers need to go down. yet my constituency are telling me they're seeing fewer police on our streets. isn't the real truth, prime minister competitor 6800 fewer police officers since he came to power? >> what is happening is the number of neighborhood police officers has gone up by 2360 cents 2010. >> sir peter bell and. >> -- sir peter bone. >> last week planning commission was granted for a large retail ledger on derek land between my constituency and the corby constituency. it will create 2000 new jobs come have a large stunning nature reserve. labour are opposed to that development. could the prime minister tell the house who the people of corby should support?
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christian him and the conservative campaign for -- or labour's candidate speak with my honorable friend makes an excellent point about how it is this part in this government that is getting behind economic development. and as i just said, every piece of good news is a disaster for the party opposite. they wake up every morning wanting more unemployment, but unemployment is come again. they wake up wanting inflation to rise, but inflation is coming down. as we can see in corby it is the conservatives getting behind growth and jobs of the future. >> during the last election, the prime minister made many pledges to the electorate. one of those pledges was to help rebalance the northern ireland economy. given that our economy like behind the uk average, and, indeed, lags behind the position in scotland in terms of key economic indicators, when can we've spent an alliance by the prime minister on the steps he's
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going to take to help rebalance our economy? >> i do want to see the northern ireland economy rebalanced. it badly needs to because the size of the state sector is so big and it can't so much on north island gdp. we're pursuing a policy of looking at a low corporation tax rate for northern -- northern ireland. i do believe it's the only thing we should look at. we also need to see how we can boost manufacturing, small businesses, increase the rate of this started, and also do all the things we can to encourage inward investment into northern ireland which i've been doing, including on the text of the making to other parts of the globe. >> mr. speaker, on monday i was delighted when the prime minister put his personal rocket boosters for rehabilitation. will be first -- ensure that treasury stand foursquare behind the ministry of justice as they design and deliver a first generation of the payment by results for globally new and
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under quantifiable cash consequences of success for the next spending review period? >> i think my friend makes an important point. we should be bringing payment by results to all of the criminal justice system. currently we spend over a billion pounds, and i want to see payment by results being the norm rather than the exception. i think if he looked to be fair to the treasury, when they design payment by results in the welfare system that allow the department of working pensions to spend the future receipts of lower benefit claims. i'm sure they will be equally inventive and creative when it comes to making sure that we get better value for money and better results in our criminal justice system. >> i'm grateful, mr. speaker. last week from the dispatch box the prime minister said that services -- were safe. this week we learned that the official we few so called best option is to get rid of many vital services and to reduce the
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number of bets by 80%. isn't the truth that you can't trust the tories from the nhs? >> what is true is you can always guarantee that labour members of parliament will get up in parliament and scaremonger about nhs. what i said last week his right. >> with 170,000 people still a bit of an a million new jobs created, shouldn't be perfectly to this government's plan is working? >> i think the honorable lady makes an important point. the figures showed last week there are more people in more than anytime in our history. there are more women in work than at any time in our history. and since the election the number of full-time jobs has increased faster than the number of part-time jobs. there's no complacency on these benches but we will do everything we can to continue the progress, getting people into work, getting the long-term unemployed into work, and
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cracking down on youth unemployment as well. >> could the prime minister explained relationship between -- [inaudible] the number of voting shareholders on commissioning groups fall, and the number of nhs contracts have been awarded to virgin care? >> all donations to political parties are properly disclosed improperly announced. but the difference, i have to say, between the donations and the conservative party gets of individuals and businesses and the trade union donations for the labour party is that they effectively by votes at your conference, policies and your manifesto, and they vote for leader as well. they pay the money, they get the votes. that's the scandal in funding parties. >> mr. speaker, under the previous labour government the national health service cut hundreds of millions of pounds because foreign patients and the cost of treating them wasn't
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properly recovered. can i get insurance for my right honorable friend of both the department of health and the home office will now work together to resolve this issue? >> i conservative my honorable friend that assurance. this area has become much too complicated about who should pay, how much and win. so as the ministers get together to simplify. my right honorable friend will be leading this process and help we can come up with a simple fight system in which the public will have real trust. >> jimmy carter appointed 3.3 million pounds of tax last year, and the prime minister said that was morally wrong. apple, google, facebook, ebay and starbucks have between them voided nearly 900 million pounds of tax. will the prime minister now take this opportunity to condemn their behavior as morally wrong? >> i think the honorable lady makes an important point,
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because, this is an international problem that all countries are struggling with about how to make sure that companies pay tax in an appropriate way. i'm not happy with the current situation. i think the hmrc needs to look at a very carefully. we do need to make sure we are encouraging these businesses to invest in a country as they are but they should be paying their taxes as well. >> sir peter tapsell. >> may i ask my right honorable friend why, as he told me on monday, he thinks that the single currency needs a banking union? because the crisis in the euro is not being caused by the absence of a banking union. but by the absence of a single fiscal policy. yet, if the fiscal union were
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introduced, which it certainly would be dominated by germany, it would be the death of democracy throughout most of europe. so, is the least painful solution the abolition of the euro and the return to national currency? >> what i would say to my right honorable friend is that i believe that the insecurity in the euro zone is caused in part by both those issues he raises, the lack of a fiscal union but also the lack of a banking union. one of the problems and the eurozone at the moment is a different level of interest rates in spain, italy and portugal, and part of that is because of concern about the link between week thanks and sovereign governments. and it's only have a banking union agenda greater security about those weak banks. we have a single currency in the united kingdom and would also have a banking union in the united kingdom.
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we wouldn't allow, we wouldn't treat banks generally because they're in scotland, wales or northern ireland and england and i believe a working single currency will need a working banking union. and i think that is logically consistent and in principle speak last week when the government chief whip -- and this week we've got one who dedicated -- [inaudible] i wonder if the prime minister can give us an update on his campaign to spread privileged? >> i would argue that actually people across this house would recognize that my right honorable friend, his record stands for itself. >> rob wilson. [shouting] order. the house must calm down. let's hear from mr. roberts and.
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[inaudible] i hope the whole house would agree essential to the two independent queries gets to the truth. details of those inquiries are still sketchy despite two letters asking for full disclosure. will the prime minister join me in calling for full details to be published today so that both inquiries can have the fullest confidence of the public and jimmy's victims can hear the truth? >> first of all, can i commend my honorable friend with a very good and valuable and dedicated work he's done on this issue of making sure that all these institutions get to the truth. to be fair to the bbc, the to increase they have set up do i believe qualifies independent inquiries. they inquire into the news program is being carried by the head of sky news, former head of sky news. and the second and more important in many ways review into the cauldron practices of the bbc going back many years is being led by former appeal court
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judge. i think as he said is very important that the bbc make clear these inquiries can go where the evidence leads to fill up access to all the paperwork and will be able to be truly independent and get to the truth on behalf of all the victims of jimmy savile. >> the prime minister refused to answer a question last week so will he now tell us why he won't publish the e-mail, text our the correspondent between himself, rebekah brooks, news international and -- andrew coulson, so we can judge for himself? what is he frightened of? is it something more damning speak as i hate to disappoint the honorable gentleman but it was discovered to set up leveson inquiry and has cooperate with 11 to inquire and give them all the information that they have asked for. >> in march my constituent informed her fiancé, private daniel way of the first the time the yorkshire regiment has died
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in a considered three months later she gave birth to daniel's baby. mr. speaker, the army will not accept paternity without evidence, nor they believe dna without a court order. at the consequent she may receive nothing but will the prime minister to help expedite this case? will be required that the army routinely hold the innate such as the u.s.? >> on the latter part of this question i will certainly look at that. i was as shocked as he was when i found out about this case but i will do everything i can to try and seize his expedite a conclusion to what. our sincere condolences as in chicago in the south goes to his family. i think this is absolutely a dreadful situation but it can't be allowed to continue. the ministers of defense are aware of the. it raises complicated legal issues but the reaction from colleagues around the house when my friend said what he says shows we have to move quickly.
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>> does the prime minister recalled telling the house lest you that the uk would lead the world in eradicating modern-day slavery? can he explain to his why -- [inaudible]. so we can move this country forward and? >> this government has an excellent record in combating modern-day slavery, not least because we continued to commit your international aid program to tackle those countries where it's still so regrettably existent i look very carefully at the bill he mentions and perhaps write to them about the issue. >> a number of major employers in my constituency are calling for greater certainty for investing in one of the fastest growing sectors of economy, [inaudible] >> i'm looking very carefully at these issues but had to say we take and i think the most
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important step which is to set the renewable obligation out into the future so investors know that they can invest, for instance, in offshore wind, knowing what the return is going to be. there will be more detail of course when we produce the energy bill later this year. >> thank you, mr. speaker. can i urge the prime minister -- [inaudible] when the honorable member from belfast, we give an undertaking he would not succumb to the dictate of human rights and relations to visit poverty? his and was the short answer to the issues. is that still his position, which help it is, and can he tell us how he can get around european law? >> i give the gentleman that ushered. perhaps the common house voted against the i don't want prisoners of the vote and they shouldn't get the vote. i'm very clear about that. if it helps but haven't another vote in parliament on another resolution to make absolutely
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clear to help with the legal position bill down, i'm very happy to do that. but prisoners are not getting the vote under this government. [cheers and applause] >> is the prime minister aware that last year there was a council referendum in my constituency about dictating and energy on the edge? is he aware that on a 61% turnout, 65,516 of my constituents voted no. this amount to a staggering 92 points 7% voting no make or does he agree with me that it's essential for local democracy and the localism that my constituents and these people are listened to? >> i think it's their important the planning system does listen to local people and proper prospects or folder unshakable work very hard in this case to make sure that happens.
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>> the evidence file used to convict, if it still exists, contains clear evidence and clear intelligence of a widespread -- [inaudible] one of its members most of his link to a senior aide of a former prime minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children abroad. the leads were not followed up but if the file still exists i want to ensure that the metropolitan police secure the evidence, we examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting and powerful network linked to parliament and number 10. >> the honorable gentleman raises a very difficult and complex case, and i'm not entirely sure which former prime minister is referring to but what i would like to do is look very carefully into the allegations he's made. by casey raised, and look very carefully and see what the government can do to help give them the assurances he seeks

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